Wakefield warriors Sports and Games Club


Are you passionate about sports, or are you a casual sports-lover waiting for an opportunity to be occasionally involved in a variety of sports? Whatever your preferences or reasons are, if it’s got something to do with sports and Wakefield, look no further than Wakefield Warriors Sports and Games Club. We may as well be the one-stop solution you have been looking for all over. Come join us!


We are a group of sports enthusiasts based in Wakefield, who live and breathe Sports and collectively known as Wakefield Warriors Sports and Games Club. The exquisitely curated grass pitches at Stanley Royd Playing Fields on East Moor Road, are considered to be our home. If you happen to see someone fighting for a football or chasing a cricket ball there every evening as if their life is at stake, chances are that it’s us, the Wakefield Warriors.


It’s the love for sports that unites us, and it’s the same love that encourages us to welcome you to become one of us.


Most of our members are family members. Yes, you guessed it right! Once you get to know us and take part in a variety of sports and events we offer, you can’t wait to enrol all those who are dear to you. And so, it’s no surprise we provide ample opportunities for community bonding. It’s not uncommon to see players and spectators genuinely and spontaneously interact with each other before and after games. Where else can you see that!!!


Don’t worry if you think our excellent combination of services and facilities are going to price you out. Our individual and family memberships are set at moderate prices. Additionally, we have made membership fees reasonable for those who can’t afford them. Yes, we have a commitment to the community.