7-a-Side Football Tournament Terms and Conditions



  1. Only those boys/men who were born on or before 24th of June 2008 shall participate in this football tournament. Any violation in this regard will attract disqualification and may merit further actions.
  2. Every team is required to produce parental consent signed by a parent or guardian of each player under 18 years of age in prescribed format and counter signed by the team manager.
  3. Regarding player verification, a player shall be prepared to produce government-issued ID upon request. We may not always ask for this but in situations when it is deemed necessary, he will be required to produce an approved proof of age and identity.
  4. The tournament consists of 16 teams divided into 4 groups (A, B, C and D) of four teams, and is designed into two distinct phases – the round robin league and knockout.
  5. Each team consists of 7 players, including a goalkeeper. The team may also consist of three additional players who may act as substitutes.
  6. The system of substitution will be rolling substitution. This means that substitutions can be made at any time during the match, but players must inform the referee and the opposing team before making a substitution, and it must only be done with the permission of the referee and/or the match official(s), provided that the total number of players at any given point in time on the field of play does not exceed 7.
  7. The fixture will be published in advance, and all teams without fail are required to report to the organisers no later than 09.30 am. Any team, unless approved of in advance, reporting later than this time may not be allowed to participate and will forego all their rights in relation to the tournament including the registration fee. It will be the sole responsibility of the manager or captain to ensure that registration of their respective team and players is done within this time.
  8. This tournament is designed as a Malyalees-only (people who speak Malayalam or are born to Kerala-based/Malayalam speaking parents) due to logistic, social, cultural and communication reasons as this is also intended as a social get-together of people who a share native/patriotic/ancestral feeling towards Kerala.
  9. Every team will be afforded the opportunity at the time of registration to confirm the players participating are same as those whose details were submitted through the Google Form. If any changes are needed – for example, a player who is unavailable is replaced by another one – this must be confirmed and done at the time of registration. No changes shall be permitted after registration. If a team is unable to attend a scheduled match, they must notify the club as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.
  10. No single player shall be registered with more than one team. Neither shall a player who has already been part of a team shall be part of another team. If this is found to be the case, the player and the second team who have included the player in it shall be immediately disqualified, in addition to being subject to potential further actions.
  11. Every team may have a jersey that is unique to them and common to all players except the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper should wear clearly distinguishable outfit different to outfield players.
  12. Each player in a team should have a number that is unique and displayed on the back of his jersey. A player must not wear a jersey during the course a game or the tournament whose number is different to the one that he was registered with and/or whose number is different to the one that was already worn by the player earlier in the tournament except in situations where an outfield player is replacing a goalkeeper.



  1. Every single team is assigned a coordinator whose details will be given to them at the time of the registration. The team manager and/or captain should only interact with their respective coordinator in matters officially relating to the tournament.
  2. When the coordinators are unavailable or the manager or captain may approach the registration desk.
  3. Every team must be ready and report to the designated team coordinator at least 15 minutes before their respective match. Any delay in this regard may result in the opposing team being given a walkover.
  4. The field of play will be smaller than a standard football pitch.
  5. The duration of the match will be 16 minutes, split into two halves of 8 minutes each with a break of one minute. The duration maybe, at the sole discretion of the organisers, increased for the Semi Final and/or Final.
  6. If the ball goes out of play, the team that did not touch the ball last should kick/throw, as appropriate, in the ball back into play.
  7. For a ball to be deemed out and beyond a perimeter of the field of play, the whole of the ball should be outside the whole of the line. As in any situation during the course of a match, the referee’s decision will be final in this regard.
  8. A goalkeeper is not allowed to touch with his hands a ball that was deliberately passed back to him by a member of the same team with his knee or a part below it. This does not include when the ball is deflected off a player or directed deliberately to the goalie by a player from the same team with any part of his body above knee.
  9. If this happens, the referee may award a free-kick to the opposing team where the contact occurred unless continuing the play is more advantageous to the opposing team.
  10. There will be no off-side rule in the matches. A player can score a goal from anywhere on the pitch as long as the play is otherwise legal, and the ball is in play and within the bounds of the pitch.
  11. The tournament consists of 16 teams divided into 4 groups (A, B, C and D) of four teams, and is designed into two distinct phases – the round robin league and knock out.
  12. In the round robin league, each team within a group will play each other team once only with the total matches in a group being six.
  13. The team that score the most goals win the match. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, it will be a draw. There will be neither extra time nor penalty if a match in the round robin league stage ends in a draw.
  14. A win earns three points, while a draw merits one point. There will be no point for a loss.
  15. If a team fails to report to the designated officials on time, the opposing team may be given a walkover by the match officials and/or organisers with them being awarded three points and a score of 3-0 in their favour.
  16. Every team must strictly follow the tournament schedule and order of matches. A team, at short notice, maybe required play back-to-back matches to ensure all the matches are played and concluded on time and/or the tournament is conducted smoothly and in a time-efficient manner. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in the opposing team being awarded a walkover with a score of 3-0 in their favour.
  17. Once each team has played each other team in the group once, and all six matches (including walkovers) matches have been played, the team with the maximum points will be declared as the group winner and will progress to the next stage of knock out, and if and only if the knockout stage begins with Quarter Finals, the team with the second most points shall be the runners up.
  18. If there is a tie in terms of points in determining the group winners (or if applicable runners up), goal difference shall be the first tiebreaker, followed by goals scored.
  19. If two or more teams are still tied, the team that has more favourable head-to-head record among the tying teams shall be the winner.
  20. If the tie still cannot be broken, a system of elimination cum progression will be employed. If more than two teams are tied for a relevant spot (group winner or runner up) each additional team will be eliminated by drawing lots (in such a way the team whose name comes up in the draw will be eliminated) until there remains only two teams. These two remaining two teams will enter a penalty shootout. If those teams are tied in for the top spot, the winner of the penalty shootout will be the group winners and the loser will be runners up and eliminated in the absence of Quarter Finals. If the tie was in relation to the second spot (only relevant if the knockout stage commences with the Quarter Finals), the winner of the penalty shootout will be runners up in the group with the loser being in the third place and therefore eliminated.
  21. Every team, before the commencement of the penalty shootout, should hand over the list of players who are fit and available to take the penalty shootout. The list should also specify the goalkeeper and any player registered but declared unfit/injured and therefore not available for the shootout.
  22. Each team will initially be awarded 5 penalty kicks each, taken alternatively. If the scores are tied after this, the sudden death will follow.
  23. An individual player, after his initial or subsequent penalty kick as the case maybe, shall not take another penalty kick before all other players excluding the goalkeeper has taken their penalty in turn. It is up to the team and the goalkeeper to decide whether or not the goalkeeper should take a penalty.
  24. It is mandatory for a player, excluding the goalkeeper, to take the penalty and in turn. If a player is injured/deemed injured and unfit to take a penalty, it must be brought to the attention of the tournament organisers/referee before the commencement of the penalty shootout by the team manager.
  25. A player declared unfit to take part in a penalty shootout shall not join the rest of the players who are fit and waiting in turn to take it on the pitch.
  26. It is the sole discretion of the tournament organisers after considering the severity of the injury and other relevant facts to permit a player declared unfit to take further part in the tournament and additional matches if any.
  27. The knockout stage, otherwise specified, will begin with the Semi Finals with Group A Winners playing Group B Winners, and Group C Winners playing Group D Winners. The winners will proceed to the Final. There will be no loser’s final.


  1. If there is sufficient time for the smooth conduct and conclusion of the tournament in the opinion of the organisers and it is advisable in their opinion, the knockout stage may begin with Quarter Finals. In this case the winners and runners up from each group in the round robin league will progress to the Quarter Finals. The criteria for determining the group winners and runners up are same as explained above.


  1. It must, however be, noted that the decision to commence the knockout stages with Quarter Finals is at the sole discretion of the organisers, and will be made only after all the group stage matches have finished and standings have been ascertained. The relevant teams’ managers will be informed of the organisers’ decision at this stage.


  1. If indeed the knockout stage begins with Quarter Finals, Group Winners A will play Runners up in Group B (QF1) and Group Winners B will play Runners up in Group A (QF2). Similarly, Group Winners C will play Runners up in Group D (QF3) and Group Winners D will play Runners up in Group C (QF4).


  1. Winners of QF1 and QF2 will play each other in the first Semi Finals while the second Semi Finals will be played between winners of QF3 and QF4. The winners of the Semi Finals progress to the Final. There will be no Losers Final.
  2. The duration of the Semi Finals and/or Final may be increased. It is the sole discretion of the organisers whether to increase the time.
  3. If a knockout match ends in draw at the end of the regulation time, the outcome will be decided by a penalty shootout. There will be no extra time.
  4. Each team will initially be awarded 5 penalty kicks each, taken alternatively. If the scores are tied after this, the sudden death will follow. The rules for the penalty shootout are same as described above.
  5. Players must be in good physical condition and are deemed to have passed a basic fitness test before participating in the tournament. The organisers may, in situations warranted, ask a player to go under basic fitness tests, failure in which may prevent him from playing. Any damage, accident or injury caused to the player himself, another player, a team official, match official, organisers, or spectators or any objects/fixtures or assets movable or immovable or any other articles because of the player being not physically fit/good condition, or due to inappropriate behaviour of the person in question (including another player, a team official, match official, organisers, or spectator) or due to any other reasons shall solely be the responsibility of the player(s) or the person in question who has caused such damage.
  6. If a team or its members acts in such a way that, in the opinion of the match officials and/or organisers bring disrepute to the game and/or is against the Tournament Terms and Conditions, they may forfeit their current game and may be subject to further actions including disqualification from the tournament. The opposing teams will be awarded three points and a score of 3-0 in their favour, unless the current score at the time of forfeiture is higher than 3-0, in which case the latter will stand.
  7. Players must adhere to the rules of the game as defined by the official football governing body (e.g. FIFA, English Football Association) provided that these are not in conflict in this Terms and Conditions. Should there be a conflict, the rules in this Terms and Conditions will prevail.
  8. Players and team officials shall not occupy any area other than those designated for them before, during or after a match.
  9. The team and players are expected to maintain the principles of fair play, discipline and decorum during all matches and the entire tournament.
  10. A referee, with or without consulting other match official(s), may issue a verbal warning to a player /team official or spectator, for any play/act or behaviour which in the opinion of the referee is inappropriate/illegal or brings disrepute to the game.
  11. A referee, with or without consulting other match official(s), may issue a yellow or red card to a player /team official or spectator, for any play/act or behaviour which in the opinion of the referee is inappropriate/illegal or brings disrepute to the game.
  12. Anyone who receives a yellow card will be deemed to have been cautioned. If he or she receives another yellow card, during the course of the same event, for example a match, he or she shall be immediately ejected out of the field of play and the perimeter fence, and where circumstances warranting, shall be ejected out of the entire facility. Unless and otherwise, that player is expressly forbidden from playing in the next match or matches, he shall be, being otherwise eligible, allowed to play the subsequent matches.
  13. A player receiving a red card (being shown a red card straight away or being shown a red card following a yellow card provided that the yellow card and red card were shown on two separate instances and for actions but excluding a red card shown as a result of the player receiving the second yellow card following his first), shall attract all the sanctions that a player receiving two yellow cards in the same event, for example a match. This is in additions to any other measures, including a mandatory minimum of two-match suspension excluding the match in which the card/s is/were shown, that may be appropriate in the opinion of the referee and/or tournament organisers. The other measures include but not exhaustively increasing the number of matches the player/person in question is suspended from and disqualification from the entire tournament including any future tournaments the club may host.
  14. During the course of a match, immediately before and after it, the decision of the referee will be final, and every player and team officials are bound by it. Players and team officials, during the match, are not expected to question such decisions. Doing so may attract sanctions by the referee and/or tournament organisers.



  1. The use of drugs and alcohol is strictly always prohibited during the tournament and its premises.
  2. Players who are found to have used and/or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and may be subject to further actions.
  3. Any player or spectator who is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be asked to leave the tournament grounds/premises by the organisers in view of safety of others.
  4. Any player who is found to be causing problems, in breach of these terms and conditions, disrupting the smooth running of the tournament and/or bringing disrepute to the game and tournament will be disqualified and may be banned from future tournaments.
  5. Players must respect the rules of fair play and must not engage in unsportsmanlike behavior. This includes verbal abuse of opponents, match officials, or other players, organisers and spectators, as well as physical violence.
  6. The tournament has a zero-toleration policy towards offensive, insulting or abusive language, threatening behaviour and physical violence. Players must not engage in any behavior that could be considered dangerous or potentially harmful to themselves or others. The organisers reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings and require the assistance of police in such situations.



  1. Players must respect the facility in which the tournament is being held and must not cause any damage to the field or other property.
  2. All players must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. This includes wearing shin guards, which are required for all players.
  3. The pitches and the facilities in which the tournament is being conducted are approved by English Football Association. For this reason alone, it is important to wear appropriate footwear. Nobody including players and officials will be allowed access beyond the perimeter and to the pitch fence if found to be wearing inappropriate footwear. This will be physically checked before being granted access to the perimeter fence.
  4. The only allowable type of footwear is Artificial Ground (AG) Boots.
  5. Any types of boots (including AG Boots) under the following categories are explicitly not permitted – Bladed Boots, Metal stud boots ,Generic Sports Trainers and Indoor and Astro Turf Trainers.
  6. Anyone, a player, team official, match official or a spectator found and/or believed to be causing and/or have caused damage to a person in the ground, the facility, its premises, its belongings, movable assets of the organisers or that of any other person, shall solely be responsible for the damages and liability.



  1. The tournament organisers reserve the right to change the schedule, format, or rules of the tournament at any time if necessary.
  2. The tournament organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team or player that does not adhere to the rules and regulations of the tournament.
  3. All players must respect the referees and their decisions. In the field of play, the referee’s decision will be final.
  4. Any team or player who is in disagreement with any decision of a referee and/or a match official, may seek recourse to grievance redressal mechanism. Under the system, it is solely the responsibility of a team manager to approach an Appeal Committee seeking a solution. The complaint, including its nature with appropriate explanations and, if available evidence, must be filed in appropriate form (it can be collected from the team coordinator when required) with the Appeal Committee through the team coordinator no later than 20 minutes since the completion of the event in question. When the duly filled appeal form in every respect is handed over to the team coordinator, the appeal is deemed to have been filed. No complaint that does not follow these rules will be entertained.
  5. The details and names of the Appeal Committee are available with the team coordinator and at the registration desk.
  6. The tournament organisers may also implement additional rules, such as rules regarding the behaviour of players and spectators, and those relating to the game itself. Once formed and implemented, the rules shall be deemed to have come into force since implementation, and everyone including team members, team officials, match officials and spectators shall abide by the same. Any violation in this regard may attract further actions.
  7. The Appeal Committee will have the final say in any disputes or disagreements that may arise during the tournament.





  1. As for the entry fee, it is non-refundable, and will not be returned even if a team decides to withdraw from the competition or are unable to participate for any reason whatsoever even when there is a replacement.
  2. In the event of severe weather conditions, the tournament organisers may decide to postpone or cancel matches and/or the tournament in which case there will be no refund of registration fee.
  3. No refund will be given if a team/teams or all teams is/are unable to take part in the tournament due to any reasons other than those for which the organisers are exclusively responsible.
  4. The tournament organisers reserve the right to use audio and visual recordings of the tournament for promotional and other purposes.
  5. Every person shall be individually responsible for the safe keeping of their own goods including football gears. No person who gains access to the facility in relation to the tournament may bring any item of considerable value to the site. Organisers will not have any responsibility for the safekeeping of such items if brought.
  6. Minors aged below 15 shall only gain access to the facility with a parent/guardian who will have complete and absolute responsibility in this regard.
  7. Players must not bring any pets or animals onto the field.
  8. Players must not bring any weapons onto the field.
  9. Smoking is not allowed at any place in the ground, and it premises.
  10. Players must not consume food or drink other than water inside the perimeter fence.
  11. It is the responsibility of each team, player, match official and spectator to take good care of themselves. The organisers will have no responsibility whatsoever in relation to any injury, accident, or damage – physical, psychological, financial or otherwise, visible or not, explicit or implied – in relation to the tournament.



  1. The photos of the teams and team members and videos of the matches – during immediately before and after, and prize distributions may be used for promotional and/or YouTube videos.
  2. By signing these Terms and Conditions you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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