Who we are


We are Wakefield Warriors Sports and Games Club, fondly referred to as Wakefield Warriors, an association of keen sports lovers based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The Club owes its humble origin to the Malayali community in and around Wakefield. You will find that anything and everything to do with the Club is centred around the immaculately maintained grass pitches of Stanley Road Playing Fields, which we consider as our home ground, and which in itself is part of a Community Organisation – Next Generation.


What we do


The club intends to provide people with facilities to participate in and enjoy a variety of eligible sports including football, cricket, and badminton. The eligible sports are those recognised and approved by Sports England, established by the Royal Charter in 1996. We also plan to include other sports that are not recognised in line with the interests of the members.

It is the passion for their respective sports that unites the members of the Club. At a time when diversity is undermined and divisions intensified, the Club sees and uses sports as a means to unify people from all walks of life and believes this can ensure a smooth passage towards communal harmony and a better and more peaceful world.

The fact that various members – young and old alike – of the Club choose to celebrate their birthdays pitch side is a testament to our unfailing efforts.

The Club welcomes and encourages everyone onto its playing fields where fresh air breezes past you, lush green offers a treat to your eyes, and the tender blades of grass eagerly long for your skilful touch. Taking part in outdoor sports can’t be of any greater importance than now especially when people of all ages are confined to the comforts of mobile phones and tablets, which have a deteriorating effect on long-term health. It is an important objective of the Club to inspire and produce a healthier and happier generation.



Who can join us


In spite of its strong Malayali heritage, the membership of the Club is open to everyone in Wakefield without any discrimination regardless of one’s sex, age, nationality, religion and sexual orientation, or any other type of discrimination. The Club has a zero-tolerance policy in this regard and welcomes anyone and everyone in Wakefield who is interested in the sports club offer to join it. That said, the physical requirements of being able to safely participate in relevant sports is a prerequisite. So is acceptance of the Constitution of the Club and related rules, together with the timely payment of appropriate fees and subscriptions.


Commitment to making membership affordable


We are a Community Amateur Sports Club and, in that spirit, committed to making the membership affordable in line with the relevant laws. If you wish to join the club and are of the opinion that doing so will seriously disadvantage your finance, please let us know. We will do everything, perhaps, even more than what the law demands so that you can be one among us and continue to enjoy the sports you love.


A brief history



The modest origin of the Club can be traced back to a couple of Malayali youngsters who began to play football at Stanley Road Playing Fields. Gradually the number of players rose and more continued to come from different parts of Wakefield and it became much more organised.

Today the Club, whose membership has risen dramatically, sports two complete football teams that are regular in tournaments. Other teams, including cricket, are also in the making and all of them hope to bring silverware home.